Information Technology Services

In order to fully achieve the goals and objectives of a business strategy – or a vision for improved business process and operational efficiencies – the use of information technology must play a significant role. Technology solutions let organizations provide seamless, integrated business solutions to their employees to foster information sharing and collaboration across organizational borders.

At ManageFlow Consulting we have highly experienced IT consultants with the business understanding and technical expertise to consistently address these areas. We provide creative and practical IT solutions to meet individual business needs while leveraging emerging technologies and practices.

ManageFlow Consulting offers extensive expertise in providing technology services to the public and private sectors.

We offer a range of information technology services, including:

  • IT Advisory & Strategy – services include the development of corporate IT strategies and roadmaps that are feasible, cost-effective and aligned with organizational goals and business objectives
  • System Design & Architecture – services include development of system design and architecture of business solutions that focus on standardization, automation, flexibility and scalability to support the client’s business
  • Application Development & Integration – services include development and implementation of web applications leveraging Microsoft technology including .net development, SQL server, Share Point and Business Applications


IT Advisory & Strategy

For many organizations, their operational technology environment evolves over time without a clear, strategic IT vision or process to ensure the environment complies with the company’s technology standards, incorporates leading industry practices or reflects current business objectives.

Companies are often faced with supporting outdated technologies and legacy systems that don’t adequately integrate with their software and hardware components.  Additionally, solutions may not be scalable or flexible enough to meet changing business realities and requirements. This can lead to decentralized data and information and impede the efficient – and essential – sharing of information across an organization.

ManageFlow’s IT consultants are familiar with these challenges.  We have hands-on experience and knowledge of leading technology and IT practices to handle IT infrastructure challenges, technology design, architecture and development and IT service delivery models.

Our consultants employ a proven approach to defining IT strategies, delivering comprehensive and actionable corporate IT strategies and roadmaps that are feasible, cost-effective and aligned with organizational goals and business objectives.

We offer a range of IT Advisory & Strategy services, including:

  • Work with clients to develop an overall IT strategy and plan for their organization, as well as strategies for individual IT initiatives
  • Develop organization-wide IT strategies including IT architecture and framework which encompasses such aspects of hardware, network infrastructure, data, application, presentation, and security.
  • Develop IT organizational structures to support steady-state operations (network, server, production systems, etc.), and new solution development areas.
  • Recommend a future state IT environment ensuring alignment with business goals and objectives
  • Perform gap analysis of the current state IT environment against the future state IT environment and identify key initiatives that will need to be undertaken to achieve the results and benefits of the future state IT environment
  • Develop an IT strategy/roadmap to implement the future state IT environment addressing compatibility, integration and capacity requirements and deliver feasible and cost-effective plans that maximize organizations’ internal resources and existing investments in IT

System Design & Architecture

Technology today is expected to provide integrated, end-to-end, scalable solutions that are responsive to changing business needs. It should also enable solutions that are easily accessed, simple to use and support organization-wide information sharing and collaboration.  Facilitating this in a timely and cost-effective manner can be a daunting challenge.

ManageFlow’s consultants will take existing business requirements and translate them into a system design and architecture with a focus on creating organization-wide solutions. These solutions – which consistently incorporate leading practice technology standards – are designed to be seamless, integrated, and provide efficient processes to meet the needs of your business.

While our consultants bring extensive knowledge of Microsoft products, toolsets, and components, we design and architect solutions that are technology neutral and without bias toward specific third-party products and services.  Once the business, system and design requirements have been articulated, technology pieces can be reviewed and assessed in order to ensure they will provide the best fit for the specific organizational needs.

We offer a range of System Design & Architecture services, including:

  • Design and architecture of technology solutions, including identification of custom and/or industry application options, covering aspects of workflow, collaboration, integration and data management
  • Review and evaluation of options for custom application development, procuring third party products and/or reuse of existing applications and infrastructure
  • Procurement of products and services (please reference our Procurement Services area for more information)

Application Development & Integration

The investment of cost, time, and resources to deliver technology solutions can be considerable. A team with knowledge, skills and implementation experience is required to maximize an organization’s investment in the shortest time possible while meeting or exceeding the expectations of the business users.

Our ManageFlow consultants bring significant experience implementing complex, mid- and large-scale solutions. As a Microsoft partner, we focus our development services on Microsoft technology including .net development, SQL server, SharePoint and MS business applications.  Our consultants leverage out-of-the-box functionality for portals, form building, workflow, document management, content management, and collaboration. We can handle your transaction and information management needs and are skilled in the areas of data quality and conversion. We understand the challenges and importance of properly migrating data from one source to another.

We employ a proven application lifecycle approach that follows the critical steps, processes and methods needed to successfully develop and deploy application solutions.  We start with a review of existing business requirements and the design and architecture in order to develop detailed system requirements. These requirements will describe how the system will fulfil the stated requirements.  This is followed by application development, integration, quality testing, implementation and, finally, ongoing support.

Our clients have confidence in our ability to deliver scalable and flexible solutions that are seamless, integrated and meet the needs of all organizations.

We offer a range of Application Development & Integration services, including:

  • Development of system requirements using industry standard methods that describes how the system will fulfil the stated requirements
  • Development of  web-based business applications using Microsoft tools technology including .net development, SQL server, SharePoint, and MS business applications
  • Creation of custom components and /or interfaces across different technology solutions using Microsoft .net
  • Execution of data quality and data conversion activities
  • Creation and execution of quality assurance test plans to ensure the solution produces the expected results as defined by the business and system requirements.
  • Creation and delivery of training plans related to new technologies and business processes



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